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The fast track to

A safer and more reliable Railway

Monitoring the condition and geometry of the track is fundamental to maintaining a safe and reliable railway. Latronix Track Measurement provides a flexible and cost-efficient way to measure Track Geometry, Rail Profile and much more. 

 Track Geometry

Latronix Track Mearurement (LTM) is a non-contact inertial measurement system, ensuring high reliability and accuracy while minimizing the need for maintenance. 

The system can be installed on most railway vehicles. Track Geometry is measured in accordance with EN13848 -2 for measurement trains or -3 for maintenance vehicles. 

Application examples

Measurement Train Conversion

Equipment for converting rolling stock into dedicated measurement trains

  •  Installation can be part of manufacturing a new vehicle or repurposing an old one. 
  • Our most complete and robust option, featuring self-cleaning and automatic lens covers.
  • Totally adaptable to the measurement needs and vehicle conditions.
  • Can be combined with a catenary measurement system.


An indispensable tool for evaluating the track condition before and after maintenance

  • Enables accurate positioning of reported faults. 
  • Operated from the drivers cabin or remotely. 
  • After a maintenance action the system is used to verify that the issue has been properly managed.
  • Depending on configuration, the unit can be moved between vehicles.


Portable equipment brings measurement capability for short term measurement missions

  • A compact measurement system that can be installed on most railway vehicles
  • Only requires vehicle power to operate
  • Temporary installations can be performed quickly
  • By using separate brackets the unit can be moved between different vehicles

Much more than just track geometry

Track Geometry measurements are provided by the modular and flexible Latronix Track Measurement platform. The system can be configured to measure further track parameters such as rail wear. It can also be combined with a Latronix Catenary Measurement system.

🟩 = Compact system. Suitable for permanent as well as short term installations.

🔷 = Primarily suitable for long term or permanent installations.